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5 Tips To Banish Cravings

** This is another interesting guest post by Anne Warner. Her first post was about how quitting alcohol could help you lose weight. This time, it’s about cravings. Take it away, Anne! ** There are lots of factors which scupper diets – but cravings is the biggie. Cravings …

Quit Alcohol to Help You Lose Weight

** This is a guest post written by Anne Warner** Struggling to lose weight and can’t work out why your diet isn’t working? Cut down on your intake of sugary and fatty snacks but still not noticing a change? It could be that you need to lose the …

How Did Gina Neely Lose Weight?

Gina Neely – charismatic star from TV show “Down Home with the Neelys” at Food Network – managed to lose almost 50 pounds during a five year period. How did she do it? To make a long story short, four important changes were crucial in making Gina Neely’s …

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