On our site, you will find four different sections; Health, Diets & Weight Loss, Inspiration, and Supplements. Our Health section is comprised of tips and tricks meant to help you be your healthiest you. Sometimes it overlaps with other sections, but the Health section is mainly for general health information. In our Diet & Weight Loss section, you can find information on different diets, what’s safe and what’s not, weight loss tips, and what our personal recommendations are.

You will also find tips and tricks that may help make specific diets, such as the paleo diet, easier to follow. When you venture over to our Inspiration area, that is exactly what you are getting. In this section, you may come across quotes meant to motivate you, or secrets behind celebrity weight losses, which is intended to inspire you to get healthier as well. Lastly, our Products section is where you will find many products that we personally recommend. It is our goal that what we write will help you become healthier, we just like to help you out by giving you specific products to consider. Hopefully Diet Expert will become one of your go-to sources for health and diet information.

How Everything Started

Here at Diet Expert, we strive to be a high quality source of information on different diets and supplements. We got started back in 2013, right here in the USA, and have been operating since. We aim to answer any questions you may have about different diets and supplements. Most importantly, we want to do it in a fun, informative, and interactive way.

Our Mission

Instead of just writing long, continuous, boring posts, we try to make everything easy to read. We also aim to make sure you are never wasting your time, and ensure that you can take something away from each and every article you read. You may be asking why we do this, and the answer is simple, it is our passion. We are passionate about healthy living and educating others about it as well. The team here, combined, has a very vast amount of knowledge that we have gained over many years, that we are eager to share, especially if it means encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

[DISCLAIMER] It is important to mention that we at TDE are not medical doctors or nutritionists. We are simply passionate amateurs that gather information from a number of sources in order to offer you, the reader, the best possible articles.