Lose Weight With The Best 0 Calorie Snacks

Lately there has been a significant buzz term floating around the health and fitness arena — “0 calorie snacks”.

We will explain what it is, as well as what it’s not. We will also discuss some of the benefits these types of snacks bring.

What are 0 Calorie Snacks?

0-calorie snacks are foods that contain fewer calories than the body burns in the process of breaking them down.

To be more exact; they represent the net calorie impact that certain particular foods have on the body. When the body expends more calories or energy processing a food than the food actually contains, the food has a zero-calorie impact.

Some of the most healthy 0 calorie foods are:

  • Celery
  • Cucumbers
  • Citrus Fruit
  • Apple (Remember to eat the skin! It contains the majority of the fruit’s metabolism-boosting fiber, as well as ursolic acid — a powerful compound that helps the body prevent weight gain)
  • Kelp

The listed foods are not only low in calories but also extremely healthy.


What Zero-Calorie Snacks Are Not

There is a common misconception that zero-calorie foods are the processed bars and shakes that have been manufactured with artificial sweeteners and synthetic vitamins. These type of snacks are packed with artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and sucralean. The last word that should be associated with these types of foods is “healthy”.

On the flip side of the coin, zero-calorie snacks are extremely healthy in addition to being low in calories.

Low in Calories Does Not Mean Low in Nutrients

Despite being low in calories, the foods mentioned above and numerous others are nutrient-rich, meaning that you can eat them in large quantities without having to be concerned about overeating and gaining weight. Furthermore, you will be receiving a rich dose of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, all of which support good health.

Best 0 calorie snacks

Let’s take a look at some of the foods that make the cut and see how they are beneficial.


There are a number of people that not only drink water for the purpose of remaining hydrated, but they also use it as a means of fending off hunger cravings. A viable alternative to drinking water would be to eat foods that are high in water content. Cucumbers fall into this category.

Eating foods that are high in water content will give you the temporary satisfaction of feeling full. Because of the way the body processes water, this feeling will not last long, but it can help combat the immediate urge.

Cucumbers are also packed with vitamins C and K, potassium and silica – a compound that builds and sustains connective tissue such as muscle, ligaments, tendons and bones.

Citrus Fruits

Grapefruit, oranges and tangerines all have properties that help whittle away the middle.

Scientific studies have revealed that people with higher levels of vitamin C possess a lower waist to hip ratio than those who have less of the powerful antioxidant, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers in Arizona discovered that those with high levels of vitamin C burned 25 percent more fat over the course of one treadmill session than those who had lower levels of vitamin C.

Citrus fruits are perfect for making fresh juices that will help you burn fat. They are also a great ingredient when making weight-loss smoothies.


Celery provides an awesome crunchy snack for close to no calories. A medium stalk of celery only carries about six calories. The good news is that despite the extremely low caloric content of this food, it is extremely high in nutrients. One cup of celery has 33 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin K and vitamin A. Additionally, celery is rich in folate, potassium, and fiber.

Another exceptional benefit associated with celery is the fact that it contains extremely powerful compounds known as phthalides, which work to relax artery walls and muscle tissue while increasing blood flow, subsequently helping to lower the body’s blood pressure. This is great news for those who struggle with hypertension.

More Great Snacks

Some other 0 calorie snacks that you may want to try are:

Each of them have low caloric content while being extremely nutrient rich. This means that you can have your snack and improve your health at the same time.

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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