How to Lose Weight with a Green Tea Diet Plan

Green tea has been around for thousands of years and has been brewed as a beverage, as well as for medicinal purposes, throughout the ages.

Not only does it taste great, it also benefits your health! Research has shown that it has powerful naturally occurring elements that may inhibit cancer cells, lower cholesterol, help regulate blood sugar, and even help burn off stubborn belly fat.

Today we will discuss how a green tea diet can help you lose weight, and what to look for when choosing a green tea supplement.

Lipton Green Tea
Lipton Green Tea

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Many types of tea are made from the leaves of this plant. What makes green tea different from other varieties of tea is that the leaves have gone through minimal oxidation.

Oxidation is a naturally occurring process that leads to the breakdown of materials. This means that the powerful compounds found in tea leaves are more present in green tea than in other varieties because they have not been broken down by oxidation. In simpler words; green tea is much healthier than other types of tea!

What is So Special About It?

Green tea is a popular test subject in a lot of scientific research these days. Filled with powerful antioxidants, green tea proponents have made many claims as to it’s medicinal potential. These are three of the beneficial compounds found in green tea (that have been researched):

  1. Catchins – an antioxidant that fights cell damage (and may even prevent it). Catechins have been studied for their ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. They may also help stabilize blood sugar levels in those with diabetes.
  2. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) – A specific type of catechin, EGCG is the most abundant catechin found in green tea. This phytochemical has gained much notoriety for possibly boosting the body’s calorie burning capabilities, and also encouraging the body to use the fat reserves as an energy source.
  3. Theanine – An amino acid found to boost mood and cognitive performance. Theanine may help produce a calming effect which may be particularly helpful if you are prone to stress eating.

It is the perfect beverage for low-calorie diets!

How Can I Lose Weight With Green Tea?

Many of the antioxidants found in green tea are said to possibly help people lose weight. If you are starting or have already begun a healthy diet and exercise regimen, green tea may be a fantastic addition to your weight loss plan. As many women love to drink tea, we believe it could help them lose weight faster.

If you are looking to lose weight by following a green tea diet plan, it is recommended that you drink 2-3 cups daily to reap its benefits. It is important to note that simply drinking green tea alone will not cause weight loss. But when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise, green tea can help you maximize your weight loss efforts.

The green tea that you consume should be unsweetened and taken without any dairy, as dairy can neutralize the effectiveness of the fat burning compounds found in green tea. Adding a splash of lemon juice, on the other hand, may actually increase the potency of the fat burning compounds that are naturally occurring.

Choose a tea that works and that you enjoy drinking, follow the recommendations above, and you will be just fine!

Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags
Bigelow Classic Green Tea Bags

I Don’t Like the Taste of It – is There Something Else I Can Try?

Some people simply don’t like the (sometimes bitter) taste of green tea,  especially if it’s unsweetened. Following a green tea diet plan could therefore be difficult for these people. But all is not lost. There is a lot of supplements on the market that claims to be filled with the active chemicals found in green tea.

But do green tea diet pills work? Well, yes and no. Yes if you know what to look for.

What Should I Look For in a Green Tea Supplement?

When looking for green tea diet pills, try to remember that supplements such as these are not regulated by the FDA. It is up to you to do the research on the supplement that you are planning to take.

To help you get started, here are three things to look for when researching green tea diet pills:

  • Made in the USA – When looking for any health supplement you should make sure it is manufactured in the USA. While health supplements may not be regulated by the FDA, there are higher manufacturing standards in place in American facilities than there are in facilities abroad.
  • Amount of EGCG – EGCG is the compound found in green tea that is most closely associated with weight loss. While there is no set limit as to how much EGCG you should consume, some experts recommend taking a total dose of 270mg throughout the day for weight loss.
  • Additives – Some green tea supplements contain only EGCG, others contain various added substances to enhance the supplement’s effect. Additives can vary from caffeine to hoodia, and even some synthetic fat burners. If you are particularly sensitive to caffeine you may want to avoid supplements that have added caffeine.

With this information, you should be able to find a green tea supplement that is right for you and your needs. To get started, take a look at this list of the most highly rated ones!

Again, weight loss will not come from solely taking supplements, they are best utilized as a part of a healthy diet plan and exercise regime.

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise routine.

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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