The Wonderful Benefits of the Colon Cleanse Diet Plan

Have you heard of the colon cleanse diet plan in the news lately, but you haven’t fully understood what it is and how it works?

In general, it involves eating more of some foods and less of others. The foods you will need to eat more of are foods that can be found naturally from the earth in organic soil with no pesticides or harsh chemicals on them.

You will need to eat less of foods that have been genetically modified or scientifically altered in any way, and of course, you must eliminate all foods that have been grown with pesticides or chemicals.

Organic foods are the way to go. Shop at markets that have organic foods or try your local famers’ market for great organic produce. If you shop at chain grocery stores, do your research to know what stickers and codes signify organic products. Make sure it is certified organic as well, because some companies claim to offer organic foods, but what they really have for sale is not legitimately organic and may still contain chemicals.

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Just to make things clear. This diet doesn’t primarily target those who are desperate to lose weight, but rather people looking for a better overall health. But don’t stop reading just yet, because better health often bring weight loss as a bonus.

Avoid Processed And Packaged Foods

In addition to converting your diet to an organic one, you must avoid processed and packaged foods altogether, as these foods often contain unknown ingredients and very high amounts of sodium, neither of which are healthy. Excessive sodium can cause you to become constipated which is definitely not a benefit when the goal of the diet is to empty and cleanse out your colon.

A golden rule to remember is: if you pick up a food package and read the ingredients and you don’t know what some of the words are or have never heard of them before, just put the package down, and don’t consume its contents. Only whole foods are to be eaten on this special diet that is used to cleanse your colon.

Staying Hydrated Is Essential

This diet typically lasts one to three weeks, but this time can vary depending on your specific needs and circumstances. Because this diet is essentially a “cleanse”, ample amounts of water are necessary to carry out what needs to be done to clean out your colon. You can either drink half of your weight in ounces of water or aim for 8 – 9 glasses per day.

Exercise is also imperative with this diet as you can sweat out toxins that might have ended up in your colon as well.

During your colon cleanse, do not smoke, and avoid alcohol. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it makes all of the liquid empty out of your body very quickly. Again, you do not want to be dehydrated at all during this cleanse, because you want to be able to rid your colon of its contents on a consistent daily basis.

You should be having consistent bowel movements at least once a day, and your stool should be firm but soft.

Finally, avoid coffee and any form of caffeine as this chemical acts as a drug in your body, and you must avoid drugs of any kind. If you enjoy a hot beverage in the morning or before you go to bed at night, opt for an organic herbal or green tea. If you want to add something sugary, try a squeeze or two of natural, organic honey with lemon.

Vitamins And Minerals Are An Important Part of The Colon Cleanse Diet

In addition to eating whole, organic, non-chemically affected foods, the foods that are assigned to this special diet will need to be rich with natural vitamins and minerals to cleanse your colon.

You will be eating fresh fruits and vegetables (remember, organic!), healthy fats (eg. olive oil, canola oil), nuts (almonds and walnuts are great), organic yogurt with no flavor additives and freshly pressed juices from organic fruits and vegetables. You may want to invest in a juicer.

Because you will be focusing on foods high in fiber (like leafy greens), you will also be eating a lot of whole grains like brown rice and whole wheat breads and pastas and avoiding refined and bleached flour.

How Does The Colon Affect Overall Health?

The reason that the colon is so important for overall health is that it is the exit point for the toxins that you get rid of when you have a bowel movement. Unfortunately, some toxins are left in the colon even after your colon is mostly emptied.

The goal of this diet plan is to rid your colon – and consequently your body – of toxins and impurities that arise from various sources.

You may not have known that we all have toxins and impurities in our bodies. How did they get there? Those pesticides that farmers sprayed on their apple trees may keep bugs out of your apples, but they have replaced that negative aspect of eating fruit with the negatives of chemical additives, which are far worse than bugs.

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What Can You Expect?

Once you have started the colon cleanse diet and are ridding your body of toxins, what can you expect?

Wonderful results. After starting this diet, you will see noticeable differences within days.

The first thing you will see is that you have more energy overall. Processed and packaged foods are notorious for causing lethargy and overall stress to both your body and your mind. Not only will your mind alone become more positive, because you will be eating less unhealthy foods, but you will also see that you are more positive because you will look and feel better.

Your skin will be brighter and clearer, and you will definitely lose weight if you are currently carrying around excess pounds.

You will also gain longterm results for your health from this diet. When toxins build up in your colon, your chances of getting colon cancer are much higher, so eliminating these toxins will greatly improve your chances of avoiding colon cancer.

Who Can Benefit From This Diet?

The colon cleansing diet is a diet for anyone and everyone. If you’re looking to become healthier and lose weight at the same time, this diet is one of the best options today. It is not a fad diet, not something that can harm you or your organs.

Diet pills, shakes, and diet patches can be harmful to your health. They are expensive and over time they can damage your liver and kidneys and slow your metabolism.

Expensive surgeries are not the answer either. They can alter your body such that you have irreversible damage of your intestines and stomach, and the effects are unhealthy and not long lasting. A natural colon cleanse diet is the way to go.


Eating healthily and avoiding foods high in processed ingredients will regulate your appetite and help you lose weight the healthy way. Additionally, eating only organic foods will help your metabolism speed up, so that you will digest your food at an efficient rate.

Finally, it will offer the best benefits for having a clean and healthy colon, free of cancer causing toxins and other impurities, and giving you optimal health for a lifetime.

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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