8 Things You Didn’t Know About Body Fat

Body fat is so much more than just something you’re trying to get rid of. In fact, you wouldn’t survive without it.

Take a look at this list, and discover 8 things you probably didn’t know about fat!

1. Can Be Used to Fuel Your Boat!

In 2008, New Zealand engineer and activist Pete Bethune underwent liposuction (along with two others) and then used the removed fat to fuel his powerboat – Earthrace – on a trip around the world. In fact, it was the fastest circumnavigation ever (just under 61 days).

Earthrace Powerboat
Earthrace Powerboat

2. It Weighs Less Than Muscles

This is a truth that deserves an explanation. What we really mean by “weighs less” is that fat has a lower density than muscles. On average, the density of fat is 0.9 g/ml, while the density of muscle is 1.1 g/ml.

This difference in density is the reason why experts recommend that you use a measuring tape instead of weighing yourself when trying to lose weight by working out. By replacing fat with muscles you will become leaner and stronger, but you might not have dropped anything in weight. So, stay away from the scales!

3. Insulates Against Cold

A layer of fat helps to conserve your core temperature and protect against cold. That’s how animals like dolphins and whales can live in cold oceans.

4. It’s a Natural Energy Reserve

Body fat is not a negative thing. On the contrary, it’s nature’s way to store energy for bad times. Kind of a backpack loaded with energy bars. To be more exact, body fat contains approximately 9 kcal/g.

Before the modern times we live in now where obesity is seen as something negative, the ability to easily store fat was a big advantage. It allowed people to survive – and reproduce – even during the harshest times. Skinny people that couldn’t gain a pound no matter how much they ate would have less of a chance to survive in the long run.

So, if you’re obese and unhappy about it, you need to realize that it can sometimes be a good thing.

5. It’s Seen as Something Attractive in Certain Cultures

In our Western society, having a lot of body fat is seen as something negative and ugly. But in some cultures, it’s actually considered as an attractive attribute. It’s a sign of wealth and power.

6. Abnormal Levels of Body Fat can Cause Infertility

Too much or too little fat reduces the chance of getting pregnant. A healthy level of body fat for a woman is around 20 – 30% of her weight. If the level drops far below 20%, or increases to more than 50%, ovulation can stop with infertility as a result.

Female Fertility and the Body Fat Connection
Female Fertility and the Body Fat Connection

7. Your Brain Largely Consists of Fat

It may come as a surprise, but 60% of your brain actually consists of fat! Make sure you eat healthy fats, as that will improve the functions of your brain.

8. Fat is Essential to Your Bodily Functions

If you don’t consume any fat at all, you will become very ill. Why? Because fat helps the body to absorb vitamins A, D, E and K. Without these essential vitamins your body will lose a whole range of vital functions, with very serious health problems as a result.

To stay on the safe side, make sure to consume 30 grams of fat per day. It’s enough to keep your body in balance.

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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