Why Not Drinking Enough Water is Making You Fat and Sick

Did you know that 75% of the human body is water? Well it is, so it’s no surprise that dehydration can make you sick.

As we have talked about before, drinking plenty of water is crucial when you try to lose weight. But even if you’re not trying come down in size, it’s still very important to drink enough water. If you don’t, dehydration can set in and negatively affect your health in quite dramatic ways (which you can read about in the infographic below).

Symptoms of Dehydration

How do you know when you’re body is short on water? There are many symptoms to watch out for, but the most obvious ones are these:

  • Thirst
  • Headache
  • Dry skin
  • Dark urine

If you experience these symptoms you need to drink more water! If you don’t, you are headed for the problems described below.

Enough Talk, Show Me the Good Stuff!

This is a very popular infographic that’s been published before on the internet, but I think it’s so good that I want to share it with you guys anyway. Just to be clear, I’m not the creator, so I really can’t take any of the credit.

If you want it in its full size, just click on the image and then click again (twice) to magnify.


Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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