Top 5 Reasons Why Training Harder Can’t Outdo a Bad Diet

Exercise and diet go hand in hand when it comes to helping you lose weight. It’s not possible to lose and maintain an ideal weight without the other.

Yes, there was a time in your life, back in your teenage years when you could eat all the sweet and fatty treats that you wanted, and still, you stayed perfectly slim. But as you grow older, your metabolism slows down, and it’s time that you face reality that you can’t do without regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Top reasons why training harder can't outdo a bad diet
Top reasons why training harder can’t outdo a bad diet

And if you think that you can make up for poor nutritional choices by exercising harder, think again. Here are some reasons why a bad diet can’t be outdone by a more rigorous workout.

Reason #1 – You’re Not a Hardcore Athlete

An hour of Zumba class or CrossFit training won’t justify the big pan of pizza that you ate the night before.

If you do the math, you’ll find out that the calories that you’re burning aren’t enough for the ones that you’re consuming. It’s for the simple reason that you’re not using the same intensity workout as professional athletes. In other words, you’re not burning as many calories as they do.

If you’re going to eat a high-carb meal, and you’re going to engage in a sports competition like rowing or swimming, then that’s all right. But if you’re just going for a quick jog or walk outside, it simply won’t cut it.

Reason #2 – You’re Putting Yourself at Risk of Injury or Illness

If you’re not eating a healthy diet, you’re depriving your body of the nutrients that it needs to thrive and stay in top shape.

And if you’re constantly exercising to make up for your poor diet, then you’re only subjecting your body to further torment. When deficient in nutrients, the body becomes more susceptible to sickness and infections. You’re also at risk of overuse injuries such as tendonitis and stress fractures.

A nutritious diet full of vitamins and minerals plays a vital role in your workout schedule.

Nutrients are vital
Nutrients are vital

Reason #3 – You’re Not Going to Have Enough Energy to Exercise

Physical activities like aerobic exercises and strength training require high levels of energy. And where do you get that? From healthy types of food, of course. If you’re eating nothing but unhealthy food items that cause more harm than good, your body won’t get enough energy to sustain regular exercise.

According to a study that can be found in the Clinical Interventions in Aging Journal, poor diet also lead to a decrease in the ability of the muscles to perform well.

On top of these, it’s also noted that nutritional deficiency causes inflammation in the body, which in turn increases the risk of injury.

So you should eat nutritious and healthy food with less fat and more energy to get ready for exercise.

Reason #4 – You Won’t Have the Motivation to Exercise

An unhealthy diet composed of too much calories and fats will cause you to be more lethargic.

In other words, you’ll be less motivated to get off the couch and get moving. You’ll just feel like you’d want to lie in bed all day long. So it’s never a good idea to make a promise that you’ll exercise off tomorrow the fat slice of cake that you eat today. Chances are, you’re not going to feel like exercising the next day.

The best thing is to get a healthy diet to keep yourself motivated.

Reason #5 – You Won’t Reach Your Fitness Goals

When you’re eating the wrong foods, you won’t be able to push through with intense exercises that you need to reach your weight loss goals.

A poor diet can also cause disruption in sleep, which can hamper not only your energy levels but also your mood and motivation. You’ll wake up feeling tired and sleepy, and not in the mood to work out.

It’s also going to be tough recovering if your diet isn’t helping you do so.

Exercise to lose weight
Exercise to lose weight

Of course, it isn’t to say that exercise is futile. Exercise is, in fact, important in maintaining top health and physique. But you should combine it with proper dieting and adequate supplementation for it to work.

Combine a regular routine with recommended supplements such as green tea, aloe vera or bcaa tablets, and reap all the benefits of an amazing routine.

Be consistent and you’ll see your body transforming in front of your eyes.

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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