How To Compose A Dukan Diet Menu

By following a Dukan diet menu, you can lose excess weight in a rapid and sustainable way! We will tell you what a Dukan diet is, and how to compose a proper menu plan. What Is The Dukan Diet? The Dukan diet was developed and designed by a french doctor …

How To Structure A Gastric Sleeve Diet

Did you know that following a gastric sleeve diet is crucial for patients that undergo sleeve gastrectomy, both before and after the operation? Well, it is. That’s why we will try to explain all aspects of the gastric sleeve diet, in order to help you get a realistic …

Enjoy Life With The Prasouda Diet

Do you want to lose body fat and improve overall health, but without starving yourself? If so, the Prasouda diet might be for you. What Is The Prasouda Diet? The Prasouda diet is a several hundred, or maybe even thousands, year old diet. It’s a way of balanced …

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