Best Low-Carb Cereal for a Healthy Weight

How often do you “forget” or don’t have time for a proper breakfast in the morning? More than once a week?

If that’s the case you need to change your routines and habits, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

What you eat in the morning will influence how you feel and how you act the rest of the day.

That’s why I will help you find the best low-carb cereal for a healthy weight.

The Importance of a Healthy Breakfast

A good and healthy breakfast should include a lot of proteins, fiber and vitamins, and only low to moderate amounts of fat and carbohydrates (carbs). Vitamins are essential for the human body to function, and proteins help build and repair muscle tissue as well as make you feel full. Dietary fiber helps your body regulate the levels of blood sugar, thereby reducing cravings and hunger.

Although the body needs carbs (and small amounts of fat) to function properly, there’s no need to consume more than necessary. Eating moderate amounts of carbs (and low amounts of fat) will help you keep a healthy weight, and that’s why low-carb foods are important to incorporate in your diet. What I usually eat in the morning looks something like this:

  • 1 glass of orange juice
  • 1 sandwich with low-fat cheese, ham and slices of cucumber
  • 1 banana
  • Bowl of low-fat yogurt and low-carb cereal
  • Cup of green tea

As you can see, these are very common and inexpensive household items that you can buy at any supermarket. And it would only take 10 minutes of your time to eat without stress. So please, don’t make any lame excuse why you’re not sitting down to have a decent breakfast in the morning.

25 Quick & Easy Low Carb Breakfast Recipes
25 Quick & Easy Low Carb Breakfast Recipes

How To Find The Best Low-Carb Cereal

An important part of what you eat in the morning is a cereal that is low on fat and carbs, and high in fiber and protein. The fiber and protein content is crucial because it will help you feel full without adding calories that you will have to burn.

Finding a low-carb breakfast cereal while at the supermarket means that you have to read the nutrition labels on all the cereal boxes before you decide which one to buy. It takes a few minutes to do, but is perfectly doable.

Unfortunately, the labels don’t say anything about taste. That’s something you will have to discover the next morning at the breakfast table. If it tastes like crap, well, then you have a whole box of crap. Then it’ s back to the store to buy yet another box of cereal to try, and so on.

To help you avoid going back and forth forever, we have selected the three best low-carb cereals on the market that are both healthy AND taste good. You should have a good chance of picking the winning candidate from those three in the chart below. Here you go:

Selecting The Winning Cereal

As you can see from our low-carb cereal list, even these three top choices differ quite a bit in content. So picking the best one for you really comes down to which parameter is the most important to you. Take a moment to think about that before buying anything.

I would also suggest that you click the images or product names and read the customer reviews on the Amazon website. They can be very informative to read when it comes to texture and taste – the two things that can’t be described by numbers on the label.

I have to say something about brand recognition as well. You probably recognize the Kellogg’s Special K very well, but maybe not the other two brands. But make no mistake, just because the Kellogg’s Company is a huge multinational company that can afford massive advertising campaigns doesn’t mean they have the best product. If you study the contents of the three competing cereals, Kellogg’s is actually the worst from a nutritional standpoint (but it’s still a great choice!). So, just to summarize:

  1. Study the contents from the chart
  2. Decide which parameters are the most important to you
  3. Read the customer reviews

If you have followed these steps, you should have found your winning cereal. Buy it, and enjoy it!

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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