The Complete Guide For The Best Whey Protein For Women

Whey protein is defined as the watery part of milk that separates from the curds, as in the process of making cheese. In other words, whey is the abandoned liquid after the early stages of the process in cheese-making.

Studies have shown that the abandoned liquid matter, or whey, is a high-protein substance and is usually found in dairy-based products like protein shakes and protein bars.

There are many products that can be derived from whey, and one of which is whey protein. There are different types of protein supplements that are made from whey. Each of them have unique properties that make them the best whey protein for women in many various situations.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of whey protein shakes.

The complete guide for the best whey protein for women
The complete guide for the best whey protein for women

The Three Forms of Whey Protein

1. Whey protein isolate

For those of you who are lactose-intolerant, whey protein isolate would be the advisable whey protein form for you.

Why, you may ask? This is because whey protein isolate is, out of the three types, the purest form and approximates to 90% of protein. Not only does it have very high protein content, but it also has very little to absolutely no fat or lactose!

This form of whey protein is, among the other two, the most soluble. This would mean that it is the most digestible but also the most expensive form compared to whey protein concentrate.

The proteins within this protein powder have been kept intact and strategically broken down into smaller fragments called peptides. This protein is made from a combination of mild, moderate and ultra-hydrolyzed proteins, which is the proper mix of proteins to help you recover from a tough workout.

2. Whey protein concentrate

If you’re looking for whey protein at a reasonable price, this form of whey protein would have to be the most apt for you.

This is because whey protein concentrate is the most inexpensive of the three forms. But due to the frugality of the product, purchasing it would be at the expense of quality (though it may depend on what the user is looking for).

The product offers the highest fat and lactose content, which ranges from 29% to 89%. Whey protein concentrate is the basic form of whey protein. The reason it is regarded as a concentrate is that it is the dehydrated form of the liquid whey, the byproduct of cheese production.

Whey protein concentrates are one of the most widely used products because they are quickly used by the body to help accelerate muscle recovery.

Optimum Nutritions 100% Gold Standard Protein is a rich source of amino acids. Each serving contains 5.5 grams of muscle building Branch Chain Amino Acids. (BCAAs). The Gold Standard protein is a designed to mix fast, even if you use a spoon and is one of the best values on the market for protein shakes.

whey protein concentrate
whey protein concentrate

3. Whey protein hydrolysate

Contrasting from the two other forms of whey protein, whey protein hydrolysates, to achieve the greatest rate of absorption, are enzymatically predigested.

This means that aside from the process the whey would have to go through to accomplish whey protein concentration, it would then have to undergo another process. But with this added process, comes an amplified cost.

Dymatize ISO-100 has a protein ratio of 90%, one of the highest percentages of proteins for hydrolized whey supplements. It is a perfect for women who are on low carb diets not to mention that it is gluten-free, fat free and lactose free.

When you take a look at the nutritional facts you will notice that each serving size of approximately 28 grams contains 24 grams of protein. This means that ISO-100 is 86% protein by weight.

The Benefits of Whey Protein

There are many benefits women can obtain from using whey protein.

One very well-renowned benefit is that many users recommend the use of the supplement for women who wish to lose weight. So if you think you’ve gained a few pounds, why not try taking a whey protein for women with that workout regimen of yours?

There are many reasons whey protein is recommended for women’s weight loss including:

  • The increase in metabolic rates
  • Lean muscle mass
  • A satisfied appetite

Whey protein is also highly beneficial to women due to its ability to supply you with the protein you need, without creating a flux of hormone levels. The supplement in this form is an even a richer source of protein than egg whites, meat, and soy!

But the benefits of using the best whey protein for women don’t end there.

Whey protein is frequently used as an ingredient in many products for support in weight loss programs because of its low fat content and because the substance is easy to digest. The nutrient will help make you feel full, which will help to control cravings and keep your mind on your day and not what you want to eat later.

Women who avoid fatty foods often don’t eat enough high-in-protein foods and taking the supplement should be taken into consideration. This is because muscles cannot be constructed without protein.

Another bonus in taking whey protein is that it also helps the evasion of muscle damage and will help prevent your body from actually metabolizing muscle tissue.

Which Really Is The Best Whey Protein For Women?

Now that you know more about whey protein, its forms, and the benefits it can supply you with, all that’s left to do is to find the right whey protein product for you. There are dozens of whey protein products available on the market such as protein bars, supplements, and powders. Now, which one is the best whey protein for women?

According to specialists, the best protein product that’s best suited for the female body would have to be IdealLean Protein Powder for Women.

The powder can also be taken as a replacement for a meal. But be warned, this should not be done for all the meals you take in a day. The advisable maximum number of times you should take the product in a day is only one time. This is because skipping too many meals will be bad for your health.

Like most dietary supplements in the market, whey protein isolate powder should be taken with some form of exercise or workout to achieve prime results. The product should ideally be taken two to three times every week, advisably early in the day or right after your workout.

The product will help you reach your target weight loss goal; maintain that weight, while being able to provide you with the additional nutrients the supplement can supply you with for being healthy. So not only will you achieve that thin and lean body, but you will also be given supplementary nutrients for optimum health!

When you are looking for the best whey protein for women, for yourself, keep these ideas in mind:

best whey protein for women
best whey protein for women

Five Things to Remember When Choosing a Protein Product for Women

  • The product is safe to use.
  • The product has a high protein percentage.
  • The fat and lactose content of the protein product should be at a minimal level.
  • Don’t just look for expensive protein products, because a high price does not always denote a good product. But this also does not mean that you should go buy extraordinarily cheap products. Before you look at the price tag, make sure you’ve read the label and nutrition facts.
  • To be 100% safe, ask your doctor if the product will be safe for you to use.

Remember it’s not just about finding the best whey protein for women but about finding the protein for you.

And once you’ve found the perfect product for you, believe it or not, you will see the difference. After a few months (or even weeks), you’ll be rocking that thin, lean, and not to mention healthy body everyone is aiming for!

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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