The 19 Best Weight Loss Blogs

If you are searching for tips and inspiration on how to lose weight, look no further! We have assembled a list of the best 19 blogs in the diet and weight loss community you could possibly find. They are not sorted in any particular order, because they are all great in their own special way. Pay them a visit!

Honey I Shrunk the Gretchen

Honey I Shrunk The Gretchen

Gretchen is a young woman from Northern Virginia that has both lost and gained 60 pounds during her lifelong struggles with weight. In her blog Honey I Shrunk the Gretchen she shares her goals, her progress, her own recipes and also a very handy weight loss 101 guide for anyone just starting out. Other huge interests in Gretchen’s life are Harry Potter and of course her two cute pups Harry & Daxter (pictures for proof of cuteness).

A Merry Life

A Merry Life

Mary has gone from being an overweight and depressed emotional eater, to losing 50 pounds and becoming debt free. She is now living an active life, boldly and to the fullest. She has tried bungee jumping and parasailing, travelled the world and (most impressively) completed a triathlon. You can follow Mary’s very inspirational blog at A Merry Life. Apart from weight loss, it is also a food blog.

Run Eat RepeatRun Eat Repeat

Monica is a certified personal trainer (as well as a Zumba teacher!) that loves both running and eating. She started the blog Run Eat Repeat six years ago to document her diet and healthy eating while training for her first marathon. Monica has since then completed seven marathons (wow!). If you too want to eat tasty healthy food, check out her recipes.

Fit to the Finish

Fit to the Finish

Diane Carbonell weighed 300 pounds for several years before starting her weight loss journey. And what a journey. Diane lost 150 pounds before reaching her goal weight. Despite giving birth to four more children since then (adding to the previous three!) she has maintained her weight. If you think that is impressive, be sure to check out her other accomplishments. If I have managed to convince you that Diane is the real deal, you might like her book, the highly rated “[easyazon_link identifier=”1934716413″ locale=”US” tag=”diet-expert-20″]150 Pounds Gone Forever[/easyazon_link]”.

 Beth's JourneyBeth’s Journey

Beth is a 29 year old Washington D.C. resident that has lost 90 pounds through Weight Watchers, a company she now is a leader for. Beth is passionate about cooking and healthy living, which you will notice when visiting Beth’s Journey. She also shares her own experiences and knowledge on extra skin removal through the use of plastic surgery. A topic not discussed by every other blogger out there.

The Tippy Toe Diet

The Tippy Toe Diet

Cammy Chapel had tried and failed to lose weight for many years when she finally realized that it takes slow and gradual changes to get successful and sustainable results, not any quick fixes. Cammy has now, “one eensy teensy step at a time” lost 100 pounds. Way to go! On her blog The Tippy Toe Diet, she shares her experiences with both the ups and downs, perhaps even some of her love for cupcakes.

Prior Fat GirlPrior Fat Girl

Prior Fat Girl was started in 2008 by Jennifer Emmert as a way to document her weight loss journey, including the emotional and physical ups and downs. By eating healthy and working out, Jennifer lost 90 pounds. The blog has since then been added by three more bloggers (Amanda, Elle and Liz). So now, you get four bloggers for the price of one. A very reasonable price of zero dollars. But if you do want to spend some cash, Jennifer actually has her own store.

Diary of an Aspiring Loser Maintainer

Diary of an Aspiring Loser

Michelle has a private practice that is specialized in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for weight loss and weight maintenance. On her blog Diary of an Aspiring Loser Maintainer Michelle shares the things she has learned from working with her patients as well as from her own weight loss journey. Apart from great content, you will find the most beautiful logo in the weight loss community. I love it!

Breakfast to Bed

Breakfast to Bed

Cat is an actor and fitness enthusiast from New York City that once weighed 310 pounds. At the time also suffering from clinical depression, PCOS, ADHD and PMDD meant that she had a very steep hill to climb. In Cat’s blog Breakfast to Bed you can read about her journey to become a healthy and happy mom that nowadays weighs in the 140s. A huge number of recipes and pictures of tasty food and desserts (just look at these raspberry mascarpone filled cream puffs!).

Blogging RunnerBlogging Runner

Emily is the Blogging Runner. She is a fitness and running enthusiast that’s addicted to the horrendous drug called celebrity gossip. Emily blogs about her path to the ideal weight, clothing, fashion, shares occasional recipes and stories from her personal life. Rumors are that she suffers from accident proneness. 😉

It Sux To Be FatIt Sux To Be Fat

School teacher Jennifer started It Sux to be Fat three years ago to share her struggles with losing weight. A lot of weight. She has since lost 100 pounds and is on track to reach her goal weight. Jennifer blogs about the highs and lows this journey brings, and she also posts reviews and recipes.  Her sister Katherine has now joined as co-blogger to add another perspective of someone just starting out on their weight loss journey.  A great part of this blog are the success stories that are posted on a regular basis.

Cranky FitnessCranky Fitness

Certified life and health coach Janice Graham, a.k.a. Crabby McSlacker, started her blog Cranky Fitness back in 2007. It is focused on health and fitness rather than diet and weight loss, and I must say, it is very entertainingly written. Funny, interesting and highly recommendable. Crabby (or should I say Janice, Jan or perhaps Lady McSlacker?) has even written a book on how to stay in shape, [easyazon_link identifier=”B00AAFHT7C” locale=”US” tag=”diet-expert-20″]check it out[/easyazon_link]!

Preppy RunnerPreppy Runner

Theodora is a 30 year old New Yorker that started Preppy Runner by writing about every workout and about every food she ate. 50 pounds later Theodora now focuses more on how to stay healthy, fit and happy in The Big Apple. She is an avid runner with four marathons and a number of other races under her belt.

No Thanks To CakeNo Thanks To Cake

Kelly has struggled with her weight ever since her teens with multiple efforts to lose weight along the way. From her all-time high of 256 pounds, Kelly has now lost more than 82 pounds by tracking both exercise and food intake. In her blog No Thanks to Cake, this self-proclaimed yogaholic shares travel stories (other than the obvious weight loss journey), the ups and downs of healthy living, a variety of tasty recipes and a whole lot of inspiration.

The Sassy PearThe Sassy Pear

The internet didn’t exist in the 1980s, but that didn’t stop Jill from starting The Sassy Pear blog more than six years ago. In her blog she tries to be as honest as possible about the struggles and successes of her weight loss journey. Although Jill hasn’t reached her goal weight yet (still fighting), she believes that the only way to fail is to stop trying. Now, who doesn’t like a fighter?

Runs For Cookies

Runs For Cookies

Katie lost an impressive 125 pounds through exercise and diet. Unwilling to give up her love for cookies and other sweets (I confess, me too), she started running. Katie now blogs at Runs for Cookies about running, weight maintenance and a whole bunch of unrelated things that happen in her life.

Lynn's WeighLynn’s Weigh

Lynn Haraldson had struggled with her weight for many years when she stepped onto the scales nine years ago. How much did she weigh? 300 pounds. She decided there and then to make a change. Lynn has since then lost an incredible amount of weight (just look at the picture!) and also started the blog Lynn’s Weigh where you can learn how to lose weight and maintain it once you reach your goal weight. Lynn has appeared on the Oprah TV-show and is also a grandmother (two great achievements in my opinion).

The Diet Naked BlogThe Diet Naked Blog

From a starting weight of 226 pounds, Mel from southern California has lost (through low-GI diet) and then regained 60 pounds. In The Diet Naked Blog she is open about her weight loss struggles, and tries to hide nothing from her readers. Mel believes this will keep her motivated encouraged.


Fat Lady SingzFatLadySinz

Lizzie Bean has been blogging about diets and weight loss for more than six years. Her blog FatLadySingz started by testing different diets and weight loss programs, and then review them publicly for the readers. She has since then added more value by including healthy recipes and her own art (which I think is really cool). You can check out Lizzie’s art right here.

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