Enemas for Weight Loss: A complete Guide to Improving Weight Loss Efficiency

Frustrations over weight loss has its time and place and sometimes, a weight loss program needs a little boost every once in a while. Your body is exposed to a wide range of environmental factors and toxins, most of which come from the foods you eat and the liquids you drink. Not to mention, the pollution from the air can cause issues inside the body and with an entire lifetime of exposure, it is only certain to build up inside your body somewhere, to say the least. Over the course of many years, there is a good chance that your body gets overwhelmed by a buildup of toxins, which can lead to possible weight gain from various causes. The location of this buildup of toxins usually occurs in the intestinal tract, which is the main theme for today’s topic.

Weight Loss Tactics and Options

Before jumping into the topic of enemas for weight loss, I feel it is important to take a few seconds to talk about the fundamentals of weight loss and what the current recommendations are. For starters, weight loss should occur over time, meaning losing 30 pounds in a week is not a good option (and it is unsafe). The current weight loss guidelines recommend losing about one to two pounds of body weight (preferably in fat mass) as a way to lose it and keep it off. The standard way to lose reasonable weight is to incorporate a modest caloric diet that is suitable for your body. Smartphones apps can help you to determine how much you should be eating every day based off simple calculations and goals. Lastly, exercise is the final piece to the standard weight loss programming. Current guidelines suggest that 30 minutes of continuous physical activity every day is needed to maintain weight. In addition, an hour of physical activity is strongly encouraged to assist with weight loss. Keeping these fundamental aspects in mind is important throughout your weight loss journey and I hope you enjoy the information presented ahead.

How Does Enema for Weight Loss Work?

When your colon or intestinal tract becomes backed up from toxins and sludge, chances are your energy levels could be zapped, leading to improper nutrient absorption and a slowing of eliminating waste from the body.  Typically, this phenomenon is not something that adults pick up on immediately, mostly because there truly is no warning sign that you have some buildup until the weight gain comes about. With that said, enemas have been introduced to adults all over as a way to boost weight loss programs and to aid in the overall efficiency with which you lose weight when you actually intend.

The overall concept of using an enema for weight loss is that by applying this product, you allow your colon to rid and eliminate any excess, which is typically what you would expect to build throughout the years. While it is unlikely that you have 40 pounds of sludge and buildup in your entire intestinal tract, the colon can certainly help to eliminate the excess to allow your body to be more efficient in losing weight.

If weight loss with an enema is something that you are interested in then the first step you need to do is apply the enema according to the directions of the kit. While most all enemas are similar in the application process, you should make sure that you follow along with all the directions as intended by the manufacturer. If you have any additional questions that the labeling of the manufacturer does not cover then you can always consult with a doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Does Enema for Weight Loss Really Work?

The biggest question that everyone wants to know is if enemas for weight loss is real or is it a gimmick. There will be much to this section, as I will give examples as to how and why enemas for weight loss work. You have been given a little bit of information already on what and how enema for weight loss can affect your weight loss program, but now I want to present how well it works. Listed ahead are some variables to consider in your weight loss journey with an enema that you need to consider.

Stool Weight

The first variable in weight loss that you need to consider is your actual stool weight. Of course, all humans excrete and eliminate stool as a way to void contaminants from the body. Typically, a standard stool is about one pound in weight, but this can vary depending on your body size and your diet (sometimes stress can affect this as well). The digestive process including elimination tends to leave behind some residue that can build up over time, which is something that can be cleaned and improved with an enema. Many adults who get on board the enema for weight loss tend to expect large results right away, but usually, the results come about after a short amount of time (not immediately that is).


When you perform an enema for weight loss, your intestines excrete a large amount of fluid that is considered normal. Most of this is due to the enema itself, but some of it is liquid from your cells that contain toxins. The typical thinking for enemas is that you are putting fluid into your body, but the misconception is forgotten that the fluid inside you leaches nutrients from your intestines. For those opting for enema, the best thing to do for the treatment is to make sure to remain hydrated and expect any results that immediately occur to be the result of your body losing a little water weight.

What Should you Expect with Enema Use?

I like to tell people that they should expect a small weight loss with the use of an enema, but the amount of weight differs for everyone. The immediate results should yield something that is standard, so expect about a three to seven-pound weight loss immediately after the application (in about a few days tops). Now, if you have a fair amount of build-up, you should possibly expect more, but if you are regular and have a diet that consists of fiber then you may not have as much to flush out. I also like to tell people that the expected results typically are better seen a week or two afterward, because the flushing of the colon with an enema may help to induce better nutrient absorption and it could even help to promote energy building.

How Long do the Effects of an Enema Last?

Perhaps the best thing about the entire enema for weight loss process is that it does not last too long. Typically, it should be expected that the entire process lasts for about five minutes or so, but this is the application process.  Some brands vary as well, so expect a varying range depending on what you get. In addition, the application of the enema can vary with each person, as it may take some adjusting to get used to the process. Each manufacturer will vary on the application time; however, if you do not have a bowel movement of some sort within about 30-60 minutes then further investigation should be used.

The Best Enema Kit to Purchase

Aussie Health Co Non-Toxic Silicone Enema Bag Kit
Aussie Health Co Non-Toxic Silicone Enema Bag Kit

So when it comes to finding the right enema, consider the Aussie Health Co Silicone Enema Kit found here. I like this kit for a few reasons. For one, not all enemas are designed as this one is; it contains the option for replacement tips so that you can use it multiple times. Many enemas out there are single use only, so this is a cost-saving feature for sure. Second, this enema has a unique design in the tubing in that no backflow occurs.  This is an important feature because it means that you can continue to use the enema kit for more than one use and it helps to keep the tubing clean and sanitary. Lastly, I like the strong clamp on the tubing as well as the metal hook that it comes with. The hook and clamp both are two features that help make the process a bit easier and the clamp is specifically something that customers asked for in feedback reviews. Overall, I think it’s the best enema kit for weight loss.

What is the Difference Between an Enema and Enema Coffee?

Now that you have a little information about an enema for weight loss, now is the time to indulge in some of the different types of enemas out there. An enema is considered the standard product in the enema weight loss.  However, a coffee enema may have some benefits worth hearing. As described above, an enema is used to clean the colon from toxins and build up that accrues over years. The coffee enema takes this to the next level. Let’s take a look ahead at the coffee enema.

Benefits of Coffee Enema

If you enjoy the taste of coffee and understand the amazing benefits that come with this amazing bean then you may be interested in a more effective version of the enema. The use of a coffee enema for weight loss is still in much debate, but there are plenty of benefits that you can get from its use. For starters, coffee enemas are widely accepted and known for helping to rid the body of harmful bacteria, toxins, and others harmful germs that could cause your body to not perform at its peak. The end result of the coffee enema is that it can help to detoxify your liver and colon by releasing compounds called alkaloids, which help to draw impurities from your cells and towards the enema flow. The use of a coffee enema is similar to that for a regular enema, but there are slightly more health benefits of the coffee version. If weight loss and optimal health is what you are after then the coffee enema may be for you.

Combined Approach

The use of enemas for weight loss is something that can help to lose a bit of weight immediately after use, but the results can be more magnified in the week or two after use. In addition, a weight loss program that incorporates a proper diet and exercise program can help to boost the effects of the enema. Typically, the standard adult should aim for a moderate caloric intake blended with at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. However, this concept sometimes is not the best combination. Adults can expect maximal results when the enema for weight loss is combined with Phen375, which is another weight loss-promoting supplement. I think this is a good option for anyone looking to really reach goals and the use of Phen375 should really help boost your results. You should check it out!

So What is the Difference between an Enema and Coffee Enema?

Quite simply, the difference is in the preparation and the product in itself. Typically, an enema contains fluid of many varieties, but a coffee enema is coffee in an enema. However, the difference is most notable in the health benefits, as the coffee enema appears to have a bit more health boosts than just the regular enema, but this may be more of a personal decision on your end.

Which Works Best: Enema or Coffee Enema?

There are some arguments that can be made for both varieties and some non-existent points for both as well.  Staying on the positive end, it appears that both have great merit. The standard enema works nicely to cleanse your colon, intestines, and help to improve energy levels and lose weight. However, a coffee enema can do the same, and then some. The combination of coffee and the enema help to eliminate a fair share of environmental compounds that may be slowing you down. In essence, this should cause some weight gain depending on how much it slows you. If you are looking to lose some weight and want a little health boost then the coffee enema may be right for you. However, if you are not interested in the coffee variety and just want to perform a colon cleanse then the standard may be the best option.

What Kind of Coffee is Best for Enema?

The Real Deal ENEMA Coffee
The Real Deal ENEMA Coffee

The misconception is that you can reach into your pantry and use the coffee that you use to drink through your mouth. I recommend the Real Deal Coffee for therapeutic use only, and you can find it by clicking this link. The Real Deal coffee is designed specifically for enemas and detoxing, so the caffeine in this coffee tends to be stronger. In addition, the coffee is finely ground so that chunks do not clog the enema line. The one thing I like about this coffee is that it has a different color from what you are used to drinking. Dark coffee that we drink on a regular basis tends to have lower levels of caffeine (surprisingly), which is more beneficial when consumed orally. However, the lighter color of the Real Deal coffee suggests that it contains more caffeine and is to be used therapeutically. Consider this brand of coffee if you feel the coffee enema is for you.

Epsom Salt for Enema

For starters, Epsom salt is a common product used in foot soaks and it can help to promote a relaxing foot spa environment. Epsom salt, which is also known as magnesium sulfate, can also be used for wound healing, home remedies, as well as a powerful laxative. Let’s take a closer look at Epsom salt for the use of enema.

Can You Use Epsom Salt for an Enema?

Known for being a laxative and a foot bath product, Epsom salt can also be used for enema use. In fact, Epsom salt has many household functions and its use in an enema is quite effective. It is generally safe to use and typically the process lasts for about 10-15 minutes depending on how long you keep the fluid in your colon.  Some manufacturers suggest you heat the mixture up when you go to prepare the enema, so be sure to only heat to about 100 degrees or less to avoid any burning.

Benefits of Using Epsom Salt Enema

I like Epsom salt enemas for a variety of reasons, but perhaps the best benefit of using this amazing salt is the effects on weight loss. Enemas typically help to cleanse the colon to improve efficiency with your intestines, not to mention it may help to bring you more energy throughout the day. Similarly, Epsom salt is a laxative, so it really can clean you out in a hurry. Since an enema is a direct route to your colon and intestines, the laxative takes good use on your digestive tract to help you get the most out of the product. People have been using Epsom salt for weight loss for a while now, but the definite research on how effective it still remains to be seen.

Caution with the Use of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is also known as magnesium sulfate, which is a mineral that is used to relax the body, calm the nerves, as well as promote heart health. However, magnesium sulfate in high doses may not be safe for every adult, so caution should be taken. You should always follow the directions of the manufacturer and consider asking any questions to a pharmacist to help clarify anything you need. Most manufacturers recommend doses for use so be sure to follow with close attention as needed.

Best Epsom Salt for Enema

Epsoak Epsom Salt
Epsoak Epsom Salt

Epsom salt, or magnesium sulfate, is found quite easily in grocery stores, wellness stores, and online. Fortunately, I have a particular brand that I enjoy most, simply because the brand is quality. If you are considering an Epsom salt enema, consider the Epsoak Epsom Salt product found here. It is a large, bulk package that will definitely last you a good amount of time. This particular product boasts the best quality by creating smaller salt sizes, as a means of improving faster dissolving rates. With that said the absorption in your body and in the colon should be quicker and give you more effective results.

What is the Safety of Enemas

Generally, the use of enemas is safe for use for a short period of time, but chronic use could have mixed results. If you are like many people out there looking to give enemas for weight loss a try then you should generally have no worries on the safety. However, prolonged use of enemas to cleanse the colon can cause constipation (ironically). Generally, this is the biggest concern when it comes to regular use of an enema, but when it comes to the safety of infrequent uses simply for the use for weight loss then it should be safe for you to use. If you have any doubts, you can consult with your doctor or pharmacist.

How Often Should I Use an Enema?

There are mixed results on the frequency with which you should use an enema for weight loss. For a coffee enema, a frequency of no more than two times per week should be maintained. However, for safety, one per week may be more effective. The frequency of the enema use should not be an everyday thing, but you will need to find a happy balance that works well with your body. If you use an Epsom salt enema, you should be mindful of how much magnesium sulfate you add to your enema to ensure proper safety. If you use a coffee enema, consider doing this earlier in the day, because your body will absorb the caffeine very quickly. Lastly, the standard enema can be used no more than two days per week as well. Some protocols suggest an every other day use, but the effectiveness may not be the best with this method.

Are Frequent Enemas Bad?

As with most any healthcare related product and program, there are some potential side effects from frequent enema use. While there is still debate as to how much is too much, it seems that regular use may be ok, but frequent use may be a bit overboard. Some of the risks of enema use include rectal perforation, which can lead to a myriad of health issues. While this is typically an extreme risk, it is still something that you ought to be aware of with the use of enemas.

In addition to potential perforation, frequent use of enemas has the potential to lead to nutrient absorption problems in your body, which can lead to malnourishment and dehydration as a result. If you notice that your body is acting a bit off and you have been performing quite a few enemas, it is important to consult with a doctor or pharmacist to ensure that everything is physiologically ok with your body.

The Conclusion on Enemas for Weight Loss

I strongly recommend giving the products that I listed in the article above a chance because these tend to be trusted brands and specifically designed for the enema self-care treatments. Consider giving each a chance if you are undecided as to which enema process is right for you.

There are a few types of enemas to select from and typically if you go the route of enemas for weight loss efficiency then you should understand that each variety has its own benefits. For example, some enemas include saline or mineral oil, which can help to cleanse the colon. There are some that contain coffee, which was described in detail before. There is Epsom salt enemas, as a method to help ease things along in your intestinal tract. Regardless of the option that you select you are likely to be satisfied with the results.

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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