What You Should Know about Water and Weight Loss

When you embark on a weight loss journey, you can choose from hundreds of different diets.

There is no right or wrong answer about how to lose weight; instead, you should choose a diet plan that is best suited for your body and lifestyle.

However, there’s one key factor that every diet has in common: drinking water can help you. Understanding that key relationship between water and weight loss is the first critical step to maximizing the benefits.

Water and weight loss
Water and weight loss

Below are the top five advantages of incorporating water into your diet.

1. Fill Up Fast

The simplest benefit of drinking water as a part of your diet plan is that it fills you up faster. You can use several different methods to maximize this benefit. Some people choose to incorporate their recommended 64 ounces slowly throughout the day. They may keep a large container nearby that they sip from regularly, or perhaps they prefer to refill a measured better several times.

Others choose to drink an eight-ounce glass of water first thing in the morning, then before and during each meal, and again before bed. This can make you feel full and may discourage you from over-eating or snacking throughout the day.

Regardless of what timing or techniques you choose, drinking plenty of water spread throughout the day will absolutely make you feel fuller and help you eat less at mealtimes.

2. Get Rid of Your Cravings

Another great way to help avoid over-eating is to put an end to cravings, and water’s a great way to do this. This article provides a great explanation of how drinking water can help curb your cravings.

To take it to the next level, try adding detox water into your routine. If you’re not familiar with it, detox water is infused water that helps flush your system of toxins. There are hundreds of healthy and delicious recipes available that incorporate fruits and vegetables.

So, next time you get a craving, put the snacks down and curb those cravings the natural way with a tall glass of detox water instead. It might be just the extra weight-loss boost you need!

3. Maximize Your Metabolism

It’s common knowledge that your metabolism plays a big role in your weight. By increasing your metabolism, you can burn more calories throughout the day, even while you’re not actively moving or exercising.

Studies have shown that after drinking only 17 ounces of water, a person’s metabolism increased by 30 percent! This began within ten minutes of drinking water and continued for over 30 minutes! This increase in metabolism may be just what you need to turn the corner on your weight loss.

4. Turn Up the Heat!

You might hear this phrase from your workout coach, but did you know it also applies to water?

Urban legend has always said that drinking ice water or cold water burns more calories than drinking warm water. They say this is because your body has to work harder to heat up the cold water, thereby burning more energy.

Further research dives deeper into this claim, and while the impact isn’t as high as the original study indicated, there is a proven difference. Cold water burns between 4 and 7 extra calories per glass, and while that’s not huge, every calorie counts in a weight loss journey.

So, turn up the heat and don’t be afraid to use a little cold water along the way.

5. Don’t Sweat It (or do!)

In a well-balanced weight loss plan, you’ll be working up a sweat and exercising regularly.

A good estimate is that for every pound of sweat you lose, you’ll need to drink a pint of water. (And this is above and beyond the normal daily amount.) Staying hydrated is a critical component of staying healthy as you lose weight.

Water is a better choice than sugary energy drinks. There are no chemicals or additives, and it doesn’t contain the sodium that many sports drinks have. That means that you’re replacing fluids with clean, healthy, and pure water.

So before, during, and after workouts, make sure you drink plenty of water. It will help your thirst but also your overall weight loss objectives.


Diets don’t have to be daunting. Whatever diet you choose, it’s critical to understand the relationship between water and weight loss.

Incorporating a good hydration strategy with your plan can help you feel fuller, increase your metabolism, reduce cravings and avoid dehydration. Water is such a vital part of improving and maintaining your overall health, but it can also make a significant difference in your weight.

As you get ready to start your next weight loss plan, grab a glass (or eight), fill them up, and get ready to kick start your weight loss!

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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