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10 Breakfast Hacks to Help You Burn Fat

** Roy Jones from BlendItNutrition.com presents 10 morning routines that could help you burn fat. ** Early mornings can provide us with a powerful window for weight loss, since our bodies are in a rested and fasted state. Fact or fiction? The proof is in the sugarless pudding. …

Top 9 Most Popular Diets in History

They tell us we should learn from history. But is that true for dieting as well? In this post, I’ll show you the top 9 most popular fad diets in history. These things are what our grandparents, and ancient ancestors, tried in order to get a slim and …

How to Create a Juicing Weight Loss Plan

Have you tried several different ways to lose weight but not succeeded? Are you ready to try one more thing? If you are, you should definitely consider following a juicing weight loss plan. It has helped many people reach their goal weight, without even exercising (although they would …

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