The African Mango Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

The African mango diet has gained widespread popularity after being recommended by television celebrity Dr. Oz.

We will tell you how it works, and why it has become so popular. Enjoy!

What Is African Mango?

African mango is an African tree that can grow up to 40 meters high and and 1 meter in diameter. It’s real name is Irvingia gabonesis, but it has several other names as well, including wild mango, dika, ogbono and African mango. It grows in the central parts of Africa, where it is highly valued thanks to its many uses.

The fruits can be eaten fresh, or made into jam or juice. The seeds within the fruits can be eaten as they are, or be processed into an oil, suitable for cooking. They contain a range of beneficiary components, including high amounts of healthy fats and protein. The oil made from the seeds have several other uses apart from cooking, for example as a pharmaceutical. The wood, leaves and bark are used in a variety of different areas, making the African mango a very useful and versatile tree.

TDE is all about eating healthy and losing weight, so why are we writing about the African mango? Because the extract of the seeds can be used to help you lose weight.

How Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Its medicinal and pharmaceutical properties are what makes the African mango seeds interesting to use when trying to lose weight. Clinical studies have shown that consumption of seed extract increases the chances of losing weight. How is this possible? Because the seed extract contains a number of healthy components:

  • Proteins – build your muscles.
  • Healthy unsaturated fats – good for your heart.
  • Leptin – a hormone that help control your appetite.
  • Fiber – important for blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Consuming the African mango extract two times every day will help you suppress appetite and thereby eat less food and lose weight, but without the cravings and feelings of hunger that normally accompany a low calorie diet. It could be a relatively easy way to lose excess body fat, without the need for exercise.

The African Mango Diet

So, what is meant by the African mango diet? Basically, it is not a diet in its normal sense, but it’s about taking supplements that contain extract of the Irvingia gabonesis seeds. The supplements should normally be taken twice daily for optimal effect.

African Mango FIRE
African Mango FIRE

There are many different brands to choose from, but perhaps the most famous one is African Mango Plus. To buy African mango diet supplements, and to read about all the best ones, please click here. Along with each product you will find African mango diet reviews written by actual customers that have bought and tried it. Very informative!

Please be aware that some of these products contain ingredients added to the natural extract. Caffeine, green tea and low amounts of chromium are examples of what some manufacturers have added, in the belief that it will increase weight loss performance. Chromium is a trace mineral believed to suppress appetite, and caffeine will increase heart rate and thereby increase the metabolism.

Read reviews and articles, and make up your own mind whether you prefer additives or natural extract only, before buying any specific product.

Does The African Mango Diet Really Work?

The short answer to that question is, yes it works. Clinical studies have shown that weight loss performance is enhanced when consuming the African mango extract. You can read more about these studies right here.


Because of the complete jungle of supplements on the market, it is nearly impossible to give a fair assessment on each and every one of them. Instead, we recommend that you go to Amazon and read the African mango reviews associated with each supplement, and then make up your own mind about their performance.

Why not pick out the top three products and test them yourself? You will definitely get a good idea if they work or not, and which the best one is.

For maximum effect, we recommend that you combine the African mango extract with following a sound diet like the Mediterranean diet. This could double the rate of your weight loss while achieving better health at the same time.

Other Way To Lose Weight

The argument against quick and easy fixes like the African mango diet is that the best solution for losing weight usually takes hard work. A complete change of lifestyle is very often needed. The absolute best way is, and has always been, to eat healthy foods and exercise regularly. This will burn away excess body fat for sure. We guarantee it! But it takes real commitment to sustain such a lifestyle for longer periods of time (preferably for the rest of your life).

If you don’t have enough motivation or willpower to make this change, or if you are disabled and can’t exercise properly, the African mango diet could be the way for you. It has a proven effect and is easy to follow.

Other alternatives for losing excess weight in a relatively fast way could be to follow a somewhat drastic diet like the Dukan diet.

Some Final Words

Remember to always consult your medical doctor before attempting any drastic dietary changes. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Thank you for visiting TDE!

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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