Live Longer & Healthier With the Viking Diet

When it comes to dieting, there has been no shortage of trending diets that seem to come and go with great frequency. From the Mediterranean diet to the Paleo craze, they have all had their time in the spotlight. While some of these diets are still highly

Inositol – Best Supplement You Haven’t Heard Of

I bet you haven’t heard about inositol, a supplement that have many remarkable benefits. But don’t worry, because most people haven’t. I can also bet that taking this supplement will improve your health and raise your quality of life. Sounds interesting? What is it? Inositol is a

How to Use Turmeric for Weight Loss

Whether you’re on a strict low-carb diet or if you’re following an intense workout regimen, losing weight can be a real challenge. Now it’s perfectly doable, and highly recommended, to get rid of excess fat by eating healthy and exercising regularly. There really is no way around

How Did We Become So Large? – From Stone Age to Biggest Loser

For hundreds of thousands of years, we humans had never heard of a strange thing called obesity. During the Stone Age, we used our bodies for transportation (fancier word for walking and running). We used them to hunt and scavenge for food. And we never ate white

Scarsdale Diet and a Healthy Life [Guest Post by Alex Ptiyl]

While many are aware of the Scarsdale Medical Diet, created in the 1970’s by Dr. Herman Tarnower, little information is circulated regarding the application of the heart-healthy, hormone-balancing eating principles to life beyond the 14 day weight loss “burst”. Misconceptions including the inability to dine out, unsustainable

Why Not Drinking Enough Water is Making You Fat and Sick

Did you know that 75% of the human body is water? Well it is, so it’s no surprise that dehydration can make you sick. As we have talked about before, drinking plenty of water is crucial when you try to lose weight. But even if you’re not trying

What is the Best Sweetener for a Healthier You?

We have gone from fear of fat to fear of sugar. How bad is sugar? And should you replace it with another sweetener? Let me answer those questions! Sugar has been getting a bad reputation recently. And for good reasons. Scientists and physicians have begun to realize

How to Lose Weight in a Week by Doing a Water Diet

With an endless number of crash diets, pills and supplements on the market that all claim to do miracles, are there any quick fixes that actually work? To answer that question, we decided to research the so-called water diet to see if it’s possible to lose weight

Inspiration Tuesday – More Quotes, Slogans and Memes

On this dark and cold November Tuesday, I realized that I needed inspiration. Inspiration to eat better, exercise more, and generally be a more positive and happy person. Why? Because I’m getting way too little sunshine on my pale little face right now. And as you know,

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