We all know the hardest part of losing weight is starting. Whether it’s your first trip to your gym or first time following a meal plan, the motivation just never seems to be there. I lost count of how many times I said “I’ll start tomorrow”, and I’m sure you’re in a similar boat, most people are. If you are having trouble finding motivation to become healthier and start on your weight loss journey, check out the tips below and then catch a few celebrity weight loss inspirations to help get you motivated.

How to Motivate Yourself to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

One way to get motivated is to download a fitness app on your smartphone. It may sound silly, but having an app to hold you accountable for everything and being surrounded by a supportive community of other users can inspire you to finally start your weight loss journey. It’s great tool to keep count of how many calories you consume and burn every day, which can be extremely useful. Another way to motivate yourself is to get organized and make a meal plan. Planning out your meals for the upcoming week and making a detailed grocery list can motivate you to stick to it, and sticking to a complete diet is a big part of losing weight.

Getting started can be so difficult partly because we set such ridiculous goals for ourselves. All we think about is what our end goal is, but sometimes that is very far from where we are and it can seem impossible to reach. This makes it easy to keep putting off, but if you set small goals for yourself, like losing 5 pounds, your goal becomes much more easily attainable and you are more motivated to complete it. Daily affirmations can also be useful tools and great motivators. Looking at yourself in the mirror every morning and repeating a simple phrase, such as, “I love my body and I’m going to take care of it”, or whatever feels right for you, can help to start your day on a positive and motivating note.

Famous Celebrities Who Lost Weight

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has broke the internet more times than I can count, but not without hard work on her part. Kim has famously lost 70 pounds after giving birth to her son, and after reaching her highest at 190, she is now down to 115 and hotter than ever!

Josh Peck

Josh Peck blew everyone away when he made his comeback after losing 110 pounds without any surgery. He did so by eating healthy, restricting calories, and working out consistently. He has been a huge inspiration to many people and everyone is still blown away by how amazing he looks.

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill’s weight has fluctuated throughout the years, he has been known to gain weight for roles, such as his role in War Dogs where he gained 40 pounds. But he’s also mastered the art of shedding the pounds, losing the weight he gained in a matter of months with the help of a nutritionist.

Gina Neely

Food Network star Gina Neely did a “25 lb. in 12 week” challenge, and ended up losing 35 pounds! Gina is a perfect example of what a good diet can do, and she has attested to this fact and says her weight loss was all about eating healthier. She feels better than ever and is truly an inspiration.


The lesson to be learned here is that although it may be hard, getting started is the first step to getting healthier. Motivation can be sparse, but you have to always stay positive. Nothing makes a goal harder to complete than being negative. And if you fail, that’s okay, even some of our favorite celebrities had fluctuating weights before they learned to keep the weight off. Most importantly, be ready to get out what you put in. If you put it in a lot of time and work and effort, you are more likely to see results than the person who did nothing. Weight loss is something that you have to work for and earn.

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