How a GM Diet Plan Can Help You Lose Weight

Have you heard about the GM diet but are unsure what it is? Then this article might be just what you need.

Just be aware that since it’s a radical diet, you should consult a medical doctor before giving it a try.

To give you a quick idea of what it looks like. Here’s a summary of the 7 day long GM diet plan:

Day Instructions*
1 Only fruits (except bananas). Eat as much as you want.
2 Start the day with a baked potato with a little butter on top. Rest of the day: Eat as much vegetables as you want.
3 Any vegetable and any fruit (but no bananas!). Eat as much as you want.
4 Three glasses of low-fat milk. Eight bananas. Unlimited amounts of vegetable soup.
5 560 grams of lean beef + 8 tomatoes. Increase to 12 glasses of water.
6 Lean beef and vegetables. As much as you want to eat!
7 Vegetables and brown rice. Fruit juice allowed.
  * Drink 10 glasses/day of water for Day 1-4. 12 glasses/day for Day 5-7.

What Is The GM Diet?

The GM diet was developed by the General Motors Company in the 1980s to help their employees lose weight and achieve better health. Why, you might ask. Because healthy workers are more productive and have fewer sick days than their unhealthy colleagues. And more productive employees create higher profits for the company and its owners, basically making it a win-win situation.

A GM diet plan consists of seven consecutive days with clearly specified foods for each day, making it different than many other popular diets, for example, the more flexible and relaxed Prasouda diet.

It consists mainly of fruits and vegetables, with meat only the last two days, and it’s meant to detoxify your body and burn eexcess body fat. In this one week of dieting, you are expected to lose up to eight kilograms (8 kg) of your weight. Now, that’s a lot!

You can follow the diet as often as you want to, but we would recommend doing it only two to three times a year. But there is no optimal frequency, so feel free to experiment on how often to do it, and choose what works best for you. We are, after all, individuals with individual needs and characteristics.

GM Diet: The Complete 7 Day Diet Plan
GM Diet: The Complete 7 Day Diet Plan

Because GM’s diet will temporarily weaken your body, we recommend that you only do light exercise while following it. There is no need to pay for any gym membership or other expensive weight loss products. Instead, we suggest that you keep it simple. Sit-ups, push-ups and long walks once every day will keep you in good physical and mental shape, while speeding up the effects of the GM diet at the same time.

Because of the big changes in food, you should give your body plenty of rest. So make sure you sleep more than seven hours each night. No exceptions.

What Does a GM Diet Plan Look Like?

The General Motors diet plan stretches over seven days with specified foods for each day, and with large amounts of water playing a vital role. You should drink ten glasses of water per day, consumed throughout the day.

Drinking that much water in a single day can be hard, but flavoring it with lemon, lime or orange can help. Three different flavors (four, counting unflavored water) will at least provide you with some variation.

Alcohol is not allowed.

This is the diet plan:

Day 1: The first day will come as a shock to your body because the only thing allowed this day is fruit. You can eat all sorts of fruits except for bananas, and you are allowed to eat as much as you want to.

Day 2: This day starts with a baked potato with a little bit of butter on top. The rest of the day is an all vegetables day. You can eat any vegetable you want, and as much as you want to. So stuff your stomach full, and remember to drink ten glasses of water.

Day 3: It’s time to mix fruits and vegetables. Eat as much as you want to. Any fruit, any vegetable, but still no bananas.

Day 4: This could be the first day that shock will start to fade away. Today is all about bananas, milk and vegetable soup. Strange combination, right? Well, if you want to stick to the plan, that’s what’s on the menu today. Three glasses of low-fat milk, eight bananas and as much vegetable soup as you want. Make the soup on your vegetables of choice and start gorging. 🙂

Day 5: It’s time to make things easier. 560 grams of lean beef and six tomatoes are allowed today. You must also increase the amount of water to twelve glasses due to the uric acid you body will produce from the meat. The GM diet is not only about losing weight, it’s also about cleansing the body from impurities and toxins.

Day 6: This is a great day. Eat as much lean beef and vegetables as you want. That’s right! Any amount is allowed. Let the feasting begin…

Day 7: This day offers the most balanced diet of all seven days. You can eat vegetables and brown rice, and you are now allowed to drink something other than water, namely fruit juices.

That’s it! If you have followed the diet the entire week, you will have lost between three and eight kilograms of your body weight, and you will have been cleansed from a lot of toxins and impurities that have been stored in your body. Congratulations! 🙂

If you want to lose even more weight, do the week all over again. But as we mentioned earlier, we recommend following the General Motors diet two to three times a year.

If you plan to go through with this diet we can really recommend making a GM diet chart. It is helpful since it gives you an overview of the entire week and what you are allowed to eat each day.

Another thing that will be good to know is that the first days will be tough. Both your body and your brain will be in shock from the drastic changes in food you have made. If you have prepared yourself mentally for this, it will be easier to endure until day 4 when things will start to turn for the better.

Positive Effects

The General Motors diet has several positive effects. Reduced weight is, of course, the obvious effect. It will give you a more proportionate body composition, as well as lower risk for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

Another important benefit is that the inside of your body will become much cleaner. This is because the large quantities of water, vitamins and dietary minerals you consume during the week will flush out impurities and detoxify your body – just like a cleansing. As a bonus, the GM diet in combination with light exercise will give you a better looking and more fit body with more defined muscles.

To learn more about other people’s experiences of following GM’s diet, we recommend that you read some GM diet reviews (they can be found by using Google). This kind of first hand information could be vital for understanding all aspects of this diet.

Negative Side Effects

Whenever you make drastic changes, there will be at least some negative side effects. Fatigue, headache and lowered muscle strength are all common symptoms in the first three days of the GM diet. But as the week progresses these side effects often fade away as milk and beef are introduced into the diet.

We believe that the most severe negative effect is that muscle tissue is broken down due to low amounts of protein in the food, especially in the first days. This means that you will not only lose body fat, but also muscles and water. Losing muscle tissue is a major drawback for everybody but perhaps even more so for males.

However, light exercise can help stop this from happening, and that is something we really recommend. But only from day 4, since that is the first day where you will get proteins from your diet.

That’s It!

We hope you found this article interesting, and we wish you good luck if you choose to give the GM diet a chance. If you wish to learn more about other kinds of diets, please check these bestselling books out. Thank you!

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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