Enjoy Life With The Prasouda Diet

Do you want to lose body fat and improve overall health, but without starving yourself?

If so, the Prasouda diet might be for you.

What Is The Prasouda Diet?

The Prasouda diet is a several hundred, or maybe even thousands, year old diet. It’s a way of balanced eating that is easy to follow for your entire life (much like the Dukan diet).

It’s mainly found in Italy, Spain and Greece. Since those countries are located by the Mediterranean sea, it is also called the Mediterranean diet.

People in this part of the world have much lower rates of heart-related deaths than in other developed countries, and it is believed that the low amounts of saturated fats and relatively high levels of monounsaturated fats and dietary fiber found in the Prasouda diet is the main reason for this.

If you have been to Greece or to the south of Italy and Spain you might have noticed that there are very few obese people compared to USA or Great Britain. That’s not a coincidence, but because people in these countries have a more natural approach to food. That means they eat much less of unhealthy fast food, and much more of organic and unprocessed “slow food”.

First, they allow their cooking to take time, and then they enjoy the food, together with a glass of red wine, in dinners that can take up to a couple of hours. The slow pace of the eating gives the body time to signal to the brain that the stomach is full before yet another portion is eaten. Before the main dish, they often have a salad that eliminates a lot of the hunger.

These two factors, the salad and the long stress-free dinners, make them eat less. Combine that with better ingredients and you have a recipe for a longer and healthier life.

The Prasouda Diet
The Prasouda Diet Can Help You Lose Weight

To improve health even more, a light exercise program should be followed. Start off easy with long walks. Once you feel comfortable with it, increase the walking speed.

Fast walking is actually the optimal exercise for burning fat. More intense training requires faster fuel to burn than fat, so the body will burn glucose, glycogen and proteins from muscles instead. However, intense training have many other benefits, so the goal is still to move from long walks to jogging, cycling, swimming etcetera.

Consult a professional trainer to set up a personalized exercise program.

What Does The Prasouda Diet Consist of?

Following a Prasouda diet plan means eating lots of vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, grains and nuts. Some yogurt, cheese and milk are also included. Most of the fat comes from olive oil, which consists of monounsaturated fats (mainly oleic acid) that reduces the risk for heart diseases.

Other foods, such as red meat and ice cream, are allowed but only in moderate amounts. That is perhaps one of the best things about this diet, nothing is forbidden except overindulgence.

It is perhaps common knowledge that red wine is the beverage of choice in the Mediterranean region, but not everyone knows that drinking one or two glasses of red wine per day actually is good for health. Yes, that’s right! Flavonoids in the wine functions as antioxidants, which reduces the risk for cardiovascular diseases. So, not only does red wine enhance the flavors and eating experience, it also improves health. It’s great!

The most common beverage should, however, be water. Drinking water is important for keeping hydrated and also for replacing unhealthy soft drinks and juices with added sugar. All foods and drinks with high amounts of added sugar must be avoided since it messes up the insulin levels in the body. The insulin controls how much fat is kept and stored in the body, so avoiding sugar is a key element in the Prasouda diet.

What Are The Benefits?

There are several benefits in following a Prasouda diet plan. Reduced risk for heart diseases, reduced overweight, less risk for diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure, and a better mental capacity are some of the most important improvements you will experience if you decide to switch from a fat and sugar-rich diet to the Prasouda Mediterranean diet.

There is also evidence suggesting that following this diet lowers the risk of developing depression.

Skin cancer is much less frequent in Greece, Italy and Spain than in northern Europe, and some scientist believe that depends on their diet.

This diet is, in general, very easy to follow for long periods of time compared to other more extreme diets (for example the GM diet or the 13 day diet). That’s because no foods are forbidden, although sugar added products should be kept to a minimum.

If you want to learn more about the Prasouda diet, be sure to check these books out. There are a lot to learn from them that could improve your life and health.

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Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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