Top 8 Ways To Jumpstart Your Weight-Loss Journey

Most of the time people only think about weight loss when the weather warms up. This is the time when you are out of those colder months – with less energy and more comfort food!

No doubt it is not at all easy to get started and continue with the plans, and most of the time “I will start doing it tomorrow” is what we end up saying.

So if you want to change the entire scenario and do your bit towards a better life then it is time you work on your plans to lose those fat cells and trim down.

To burn calories and get back in shape you need to do certain things, which are:

1. Understand Why You Want to Lose Weight

Avoiding junk food and eating healthy instead is not easy. If you want to do such things you need a real source of motivation [editor’s comment: here’s a few slogans to help with motivation].

First of all, you need to find the reasons for why you want to burn body fat and look slim. Most of the time it is personal like getting ready for a friend’s wedding, not able to keep up with kids, etc.

2. Write Down Your Goals

By simply writing down your goals, you increase the chance of reaching them by 42 percent.

People, especially women, fail to prioritize their health as they forget it amidst all other life affairs. So it is very important to write down your weight-loss goals on a piece of paper and put it where you can see it everyday to remind yourself.

Writing Down Goals
Writing Down Goals

3. Check Your Kitchen

Once you are sure about your goals then go for the next step.

Check your kitchen cabinets as well as fridge and get rid of food that are unhealthy. For this, you first need to understand which foods you are overeating and that are stopping you from losing weight.

Once you know that, eliminate those foods from your kitchen, or else they may greatly harm your efforts.

Planning to remove refined and processed food is very easy, but in reality, it takes some effort and is not that easy to do.

4. Know Your Weak Points

For most of us, planning to lose weight is not a new thing. We have all tried it in the past and failed.

Learning from past experiences is very important. What has worked and what has not? Where have you failed to stop yourself?

A proper understanding of previous experiences will help you control yourself if you face the same problems again.

5. Prep Your Food

The more you eat food at home, the more you will eat healthy. So it would be best if you could eat at home whenever possible.

For many people, preparing three meals a day from scratch is not an easy thing. In such a scenario, take some time and prep your food for the entire week. This will save you time when cooking, and it will hopefully stop you from snacking.

6. Talk to Your Friend

When you are trying to lose weight, eating out with friends may not turn out to be a good idea. You will for sure end up eating some unhealthy food items and it will eventually spoil your weight-loss efforts.

So tell your friends about what you are trying to accomplish so that they can stop you when you are up to something unhealthy.

Moreover, just make sure that you share the plans with a friend who has good intentions to help you out.

7. Plan Your Workouts

When we have an appointment with the dentist we make sure to be there on time. Apply the same idea to your exercise routines. Don’t look for free time to fit in your exercises, rather make it a part of your routine.

8. Make Things Work

Trying to change your life all of a sudden is not realistic. It will likely fail which in turn will discourage you from continuing with your efforts.

So start by making some lifestyle changes which you honestly think you will be able to follow. For example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, a 15-minute walk after lunch, or cutting down on sugar.

Keeping realistic goals will help you achieve them and at the same time you will be able to do it without any excuses.

Keep these things in mind and plan out a weight loss regime. For sure, you will be able to see results within a short time.

Written by Hugo L

Hugo is a 29 years old nutritionist, ex-pro hockey player and a published author.

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